Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Think He Likes it

That he has a "blog stalker," to use his own words. The other people who visit are just called "readers" but no, I am a "stalker." I guess once you move into agreeing with everything someone writes you then go from "stalker" to "reader."

Guess I will always be a "stalker."

And I think he likes it because he adds little things (and them removes them) to try and bait me to comment or post. So I'll give him what he wants.

But I won't say what he said I would say. Because he already said it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey Pot? What's Up Kettle?

It has been a while since I have posted but leave it to the Tool to inspire me. He had another one of his little threads that he designs to instigate on his website today. I read the few comments he had and apparently he has rubbed some people the wrong way. And they have called him out on it.

And so he says:
If we spent a little more time forgiving instead of judging, we might just all be a lot happier!

Are you being serious? This is the same guy who has posted racist, stereotpyical, judgmental, harsh, rude, sexist comments in the past (more often than not).

I guess it hurts a little more on the receiving end, right Mr. Tool?

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tool Named Val

I am sure the few folks who I have sent here to be amused by this strange phenomenon and the even stranger Tool named Val did not find my last reference to his post about his porn problem suprising at all. Gross? Sure. Out of place? Absolutely. But surprising? Nope.

But I was a little surprised at his last post. Even for this guy, who has been known to spew racist remarks, hatred and general nonsensical ramblings, this last post of his shows what a hard cold heart he really has.

By now everybody probably knows of the untimely death of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter due to a tragic accident. Several people had posted prayer requests (I even received a few today and I am not even tied to the adoption community that Steven apparently influenced so heavily) and people were lifting this family up to God throughout the day as they struggled with the obvious pain this would bring.

But what does our friend the Tool say about it all? Read for yourself:
I appreciate the tragedy, but I am not up in arms calling for prayer for the family. God placed the child in the care of this couple, providing the means for them to travel to China 3 times to bring back children to raise. I can't see how the events of last night were not part of a plan He has for this family, so for me to pray to God and say please comfort this family seems a bit pretentious on my part. He will do what He chooses as it was his choice to make this child part of the family and then to take the child away as he did. Anyone who says otherwise has issues with the concept of an all-powerful Creator.
Wow. I'll tell you what I am praying for. That no member of the Chapman family ever finds this guys website. To say those types of things at a time such as this is wrong. It's mean spirited. But his posts have proven him to be that way all the time.

And what I think is funny is how he handles being called out on it. He brings up me. Me. What do I have to do with this insensitive blogger and his weird postings? Well read his comments on this post. A visitor to his site made a great point about prayer for comfort and that Jesus cried when Lazarus died. What does the Tool say?
How hard-hearted can I be? I put pictures of cute and fuzzy animals on my blog as often as I speak my mind!

Oh wait, I forgot, I am a racist and that makes me hard-hearted. To make matters more confusing, when I try to be genuine and post about human struggles (like my one about struggling with pornography) I get more attention from my internet stalker.

She posted something about me being weird or gross and since it was a general link to my blog I had to backtrack to the date she posted last to realize she was talking about my porn post (about fighting it). You can try to figure her out at
Your internet stalker? I may keep you on my radar to see what stupid comments you make and I may repeatedly reference you as proof of the "wild wild west" mentality of the web but stalking you is something I have never done nor would I really want to.

Get over yourself. And maybe, just maybe try to find it in you somewhere to listen to what your visitor said. "Soften that hard heart, dude."

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Really? This just seems weird.

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Wise Man Said: Don't Argue With Fools

Mister Michael was at it again. This has actually turned in to more of a social commentary on the ideology of blogging than it has on the idea of racism. I mean, the racism topic was pretty cut and dry. You either are a racist or you are not.

In the author's orginal post that was the catalyst for all of this melodrama he was subtly racist. In his ensuing responses to my comments he was blatantly racist. I am pretty sure his more sensical better half brought this to his attention or somebody with some ability to think at a deeper level helped him realize he was spewing hate messages on a public forum. Because he soon thereafter deleted the post and all of the comments he had posted.

So a month went by and there was no more racism flowing from his loosely followed blog. But a couple of days ago he posts a Tirade for Responsibility. And then shortly therefater he posts another one called Tirade Revisited in which he references me and our exchange from a while back.

Go read it. He seems to be an angry man for some reason. He can't find any positivity in his life. Even though he and his wife are doing an incredible thing and adopting a child, he still looks at the world through his anger filters.

A little later, after I had posted again and he had posted and his wife had posted and all of his blogging friends had posted and said how mean I was - he posted another entry pretty much about me calling him out. That one was called Did you know... and in the follow up comments he actually admits to hating and goes as far as to say hate is healthy:

Mandy, what is so wrong about feeling hate? Have you never hated anything in your life? I hated math in school. I hate losing hands of poker to people who play poorly and get lucky. I hate people who expect the government to support them because they don't want to make the effort to support themselves. I do not hate any complete demographic group. There are individuals who I dislike and some who I hate. Hate is a natural emotion and it is unhealthy to contain it. So I guess it's not so bad to "reek."
- Michael, Lover of Amy

On this particular post (actually on all of them I think) he has gone back through and deleted all of my entries and comments. So reading it now doesn't make much sense or leave much room for argument since he censors his blog so drastically.

Due to that, I'll probably stop engaging with him on his blog. Luckily I archived all of the comments so i will post them here to bear witness to this blogging phenomenon I have watched and learned from as Michael has become my unwitting case study.

So the real question I guess is this and I am truly trying to understand this. Racism and true inner feelings aside; why post something on a public forum and allow comments if all you want to hear are comments that pat you on the back and say how big of a person you are for speaking your mind?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Racist Rant - REMOVED

I have chosen to remove the actual words that were posted for two reasons:
  1. out of respect for the original author - who removed the offensive racist rant from his blog (hopefully after realizing the error of his ways)
  2. not wanting to give the comments any more "air time"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello, World!

Well - it's been a long time coming. But here I am. After my last trips around the blogosphere I have decided why only post my views at all these other wonderful places when I can host some of my own right here.

Actually - I have to give a little credit to Michael - Lover of Amy - after he began censoring all of my posts and deleting them from his Valtool's Box I decided it was time I open up a spot that is free from censorship. Free from anger. Free from hurt.

Feel free to post whatever you'd like - just be ready to stand by your post - to back it up - to own it.

That being said - let's get some good conversation going. To be fair - though I didn't agree at all with the view of Michael - i did like the forum to engage in intelligent conversation - it was when he became a little angry and attacked me rather than my views that I was over it.

So what shall we discuss?